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    Our fibre optic broadband is ideal for busy homes who like to download lots, stream and share all at the same time.

    Unfortunately, Sky Fibre Unlimited has not yet reached your area. Please enter your details below and we'll send you an email to let you know when it does.

    Why not take Sky Broadband Unlimited with us now and upgrade to Sky Fibre Unlimited when it becomes available?






  • You can still take our great value Sky Broadband Unlimited.

    • Totally unlimited - download all the movies, music and photos you like
    • We'll never slow your broadband speeds down, even at peak times
    • Unlimited Sky WiFi at no extra cost

    When you take a Sky TV package (from £21.50 a month)
    with Sky Talk & Line Rental (from £15.40 a month).

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    Sky Network areas only. 12 month minimum subscriptions apply.

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  • FAQs

    • FAQ
      What broadband speeds do I need?

      A broadband speed of 3Mbps (which is significantly less than half of the average speed offered by Sky Broadband), lets you download your favourite song in just fourteen seconds, download a photo in just four seconds, and to load a page from a website with images it takes less than a second. These times are estimated averages and are not a prediction of actual speed. Household speeds vary depending on factors including line quality and distance from the exchange.

      What about downloading HD shows?

      If you're downloading multiple high definition (HD) video streams simultaneously, rather than through your Sky box, which uses satellite to broadcast HD, you may need a faster connection.

      What is Sky Fibre Unlimited?

      Sky Fibre Unlimited is a fibre optic broadband product from Sky Broadband. It uses Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) technology which is being rolled out across the UK by Openreach.

      Who can get Sky Fibre Unlimited?

      The Openreach Fibre optic broadband network us is currently available to approximately 33% of homes in the UK.

      Do I need a phone line to get Sky Fibre Unlimited?

      Yes, you'll need a residential phone line with Sky Talk calls and Line Rental to get Sky Fibre Unlimited.

      Does Sky Fibre Unlimited have a usage policy?

      Sky Fibre Unlimited is a residential service that offers totally unlimited usage - there is no fair usage policy and no traffic management is applied to this service.

      Will Sky Anytime+ work with Sky Fibre Unlimited?

      Yes, Sky Anytime+ will work with Sky Fibre Unlimited, just connect your Sky+ HD box to your router using an ethernet cable or wirelessly and then follow the instructions to enable Anytime+.

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